Fantastic Furniture on Main Street, Mount Joy?

I know a little secret in Mount Joy on Main Street. I know I really shouldn’t tell you this – and I know I’ll regret it the minute it gets out.


You all have an idea that’s it’s been a very exciting, busy and fulfilling several weeks for me since I moved into the Inn. What with figuring out the reservation system, the cleaning schedule, the cooking routine,  finding my socks – I’ve only recently been able to stroll around this charming town. Well, I love furniture and everything that goes with it, so the first place I headed was to the next corner to to poke around Mount Joy Used Furniture. All those beautiful pieces of furniture in the photos – the upholstered chairs and the table in the Summerfield, the round table in Charleston, and the lavish sleigh bed in the new Foxfire Room? They ALL came from Mount Joy Used Furniture!! What?!

If I told you what I paid for them, you would drop over because each was such an amazing value. Okay, I have to share at least one because we all operate on a budget and who doesn’t like getting more for their money? The cherry sleigh bed was $199! I love Ikea, but that even beats the Ikea price.

Dave, who runs the place, is a really nice guy. I pop in there when I’m tired of doing laundry and announce myself as, “It’s just me, Dave!’ We chat, he shows me what he’s gotten in, I walk around and touch all the merchandise, then go back to the laundry. Often I buy something. He  has new pieces, too, which are also fabulous buys.

Here’s why I regret letting this slip out. My guests are already storming the joint when they stay with me, and now I’m going to have half of Lancaster County out there purchasing pieces I want to take home, and it’s going to be extra crowded on Saturdays. Luckily Dave gets new things in all the time. In fact, today I saw these great church pew storage benches. (The small one was $20!) and have to figure out where I can put one and…never mind…you didn’t hear that from me.

Can’t wait to see where my next stroll takes me; there are so many cool places. maybe I’ll tell you about them!

Mount Joy Furniture Sleigh Bed
This sleigh bed found a great home in our newly remodeled Foxfire room, formerly know as Nevada Sky.


Blueberry Crumb Coffee Cake Recipe

What I love about this blueberry crumb coffee cake recipe is that it’s moist and rich and dense and delicious. If there would happen to be any left over (like if you’ve only eaten half of it yourself and there’s some serious weather and nobody is going to visit that afternoon), it freezes really well and returns as fresh as ever.

You can make this with other fruit, too.  I’ve tried it with raspberries, but because the batter is so thick I ended up poking them into the pan one by one so they wouldn’t disintegrate. You know how raspberries can be – like some of our friends who fall apart at the slightest agitation. We love them anyway, though, right? Let me know what delicious various you come up with! Check out my recipe below.

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Empty Plates Equals Great Breakfasts

Empty Breakfast PlatesThis is what we had for breakfast today. Oh, wait – there’s nothing left. How happy do you think I am right now?!

We started with an apple baked with brown sugar, butter, walnuts, and cinnamon then drizzled with pure maple syrup and topped with homemade whip cream. Next came scrambled eggs in puff pastry and a mustard dill sauce on the side, along with bacon and warmed tomato wedges and grated cheddar cheese. Dessert was Olde Square Inn Blueberry Crumb Coffee Cake and a side of MORE homemade whip cream and raspberries. And of course, coffee, tea and juice. Come stay at Olde Square Inn one of these days and let me make breakfast for you.

Actually, I should really pass along the Blueberry Crumb Coffee Cake recipe. It’s delicious and rich, and the blueberries and crumb topping are great contrasting flavors and textures. If you’re having guests over the upcoming holidays, it would be an easy thing to make and your people will love it. Keeps well, too, but disappears pretty quickly. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll post it.

First Week of Breakfasts

Three Course BreakfastI have been so blessed this hectic and amazing week with the help and support of family and friends. My sister, brother-in-law, and his friend traveled 700 miles from Indiana to help me clean, sort, shop and serve. My kids set up tech, sorted sheets and towels and vacuumed and scrubbed until all of us were ready to fall over. It was a very frantic pace.

You must understand that the movers were at my house Tuesday, we cleaned and minimally unpacked at the Inn on Wednesday, then our firsts guests arrived Thursday! The best people I never knew walked through my door and I already consider them friends. I look forward to talking with them again and welcoming them into my home for a relaxing and renewing time away.

We ended the weekend with Sunday breakfast, beginning with brandied fruit with buttered almonds, served in depression glass which my friend Karen and I hunted down over the summer. The main dish was a delicious spinach quiche and a sinful bacon cheddar quiche with spring greens and grilled ham. (I figured the greens negated any calories in the other items – sounds right.) To finish we had a warm homemade apple cake with a topping of freshly sliced apples sautéed in butter and brown sugar, snuggled against a scoop of Hagen Das ice cream.

Excited to see who stays with me next. :)

How Does a New Innkeeper Geek Out?

Innkeeper Geeking OutHow does a new Innkeeper geek out? By organizing closets! Daughter-in-law Nicole and I spent a morning going through towels and sheets then matching them in ready-to-grab sets. Daughter Aimee single handedly plowed through the supplies and sorted everything out there – a huge job. Sometimes I run upstairs just to look in the closets and enjoy the organizational effect; who knew linens and spray cleaners could be so exhilarating, yet calming at the same time?

By the way, that tiny, cute baby showing off the towels is my grandson. He enjoys opening doors almost as much as he loves going up and down the steps. Nicole gets tired. You moms with babies know what that’s like.

Since we’ve got most of the family lined up, I’ll introduce the rest. Son Grahm is the one who is working on my tech stuff, and we will be turning out a new website soon. He’s really, really good at that kind of thing, and I’m happy I don’t have to think about it. Granddaughter is in school all day and can’t wait to get to the Inn for baking lessons with Nana. I’ll be hosting an open house some time after Christmas when you’ll be able to meet everyone and get a chance to experience the closet effect first hand. Can’t turn down a deal like that.

Depressions Glass Collection

depression-glassHad a lovely quiet week that allowed me to get together with friends, get some baking lessons, see family, go out for dinner, and UNPACK boxes. Found most of my Depression glass, but I think some of it is still hiding in the barn. (It’s really a giant garage/shed, but “barn” sounds so fancy.) Just like with the linens and cleaning supplies, I like to look in this cupboard and feel the calm of organization. Innkeeper geek out again.

December 5 I will have the pleasure of hosting Elizabethtown college kids for an Etiquette Brunch lesson. Adrienne Garvey, who teaches communications and production classes there, will bring 15 students with her to practice knife and fork techniques and to sharpen their conversational skills with local business people who will also be attending. I am thrilled to be able to contribute at least a little bit to the community; so many people helped me realize this second career of owning and running this beautiful Inn.

Sometimes you just love every single moment of every day.

Wedding Packages

Our Inn is the perfect venue for “small intimate” Lancaster County weddings. We will customize and work side by side with you to make your wedding day your dream to remember. From May to the end of September the gardens are in full bloom and are a beautiful backdrop for your special day.


Make your stay extra special and add these thoughtful touches. Pamper yourself or someone you love. ♥

Think Summer at the Olde Square Inn

In the winter time you can cozy up to the fireplace in the common area or one of the many rooms, but in the summer we have a beautiful back yard where you can enjoy sun by the pool.